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Our upcoming events are listed below:

Phoenix Theatre 14-15
Sept 17-Oct 12
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Seated 6, Seated 4 & Campus Pass
Time to turn up the dial! From the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new musical that bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. Inspired by actual events, Memphis is about a radio DJ who wants to change the world and a club singer who is ready for her big break. Come along on their incredible journey to the ends of the airwaves -- filled with laughter, soaring emotion and roof-raising rock 'n' roll. Winner of four 2010 Tony Awards® including Best Musical, Memphis features a Tony-winning book by Joe DiPietro (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change) and a Tony-winning original score with music by Bon Jovi’s founding member David Bryan.
Fri 9/19/14 7:30PM
Sat 9/20/14 2:00PM
Sat 9/20/14 7:30PM
Sun 9/21/14 2:00PM
Wed 9/24/14 7:30PM
Thu 9/25/14 7:30PM
Fri 9/26/14 7:30PM
Sat 9/27/14 2:00PM
Sat 9/27/14 7:30PM
Sun 9/28/14 2:00PM
Sun 9/28/14 6:30PM
Tue 9/30/14 7:30PM
Wed 10/1/14 7:30PM
Thu 10/2/14 7:30PM
Fri 10/3/14 7:30PM
Sat 10/4/14 2:00PM
Sat 10/4/14 7:30PM
Sun 10/5/14 2:00PM
Wed 10/8/14 7:30PM
Thu 10/9/14 7:30PM
Fri 10/10/14 7:30PM
Sat 10/11/14 7:30PM
Sun 10/12/14 2:00PM

Hanky Panky Revue
Special Projects 14-15
Hanky Panky Revue
Hanky Panky Revue comes to Phoenix Theatre
Sat 9/20/14 8:30PM

Vampire Tale
Scorpius Dance 14-15
Vampire Tale
Thu 10/2/14 8:00PM
Fri 10/3/14 8:00PM
Sat 10/4/14 8:00PM
Thu 10/9/14 8:00PM
Fri 10/10/14 8:00PM
Sat 10/11/14 8:00PM

Macabre Masquerade
Special Projects 14-15
Macabre Masquerade
Romantasy Returns to Phoenix Theatre
Sat 10/4/14 8:30PM

Young Frankenstein
Special Projects 14-15
Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein Comes to Phoenix Theatre!
Fri 10/24/14 7:30PM
Sat 10/25/14 7:30PM
Sun 10/26/14 4:00PM
Fri 10/31/14 7:30PM
Sat 11/1/14 7:30PM
Sun 11/2/14 4:00PM

Shear Madness
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
Shear Madness
Shear Madness
October 29 – November 23
Hormel Theatre
Included in Seated 6 & Campus Pass
Shear Madness, the comedy whodunit that holds the Guinness record as the longest-running play in the history of the American theater, celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year. This unique mystery takes place today in the “Shear Madness" hairstyling salon and is chock full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor. During the course of the action, a murder is committed and the audience gets to spot the clues, question the suspects, and solve the funniest mystery in the annals of crime. With an outcome that is never the same, you may not actually die laughing but you will certainly be rolling in the aisles!
Wed 10/29/14 8:00PM
Thu 10/30/14 8:00PM
Fri 10/31/14 8:00PM
Sat 11/1/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/1/14 8:00PM
Sun 11/2/14 3:00PM
Wed 11/5/14 8:00PM
Thu 11/6/14 8:00PM
Fri 11/7/14 8:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/8/14 8:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 3:00PM
Sun 11/9/14 7:00PM
Tue 11/11/14 8:00PM
Wed 11/12/14 8:00PM
Thu 11/13/14 8:00PM
Fri 11/14/14 8:00PM
Sat 11/15/14 3:00PM
Sat 11/15/14 8:00PM
Sun 11/16/14 3:00PM
Wed 11/19/14 8:00PM
Thu 11/20/14 8:00PM
Fri 11/21/14 8:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 8:00PM
Sun 11/23/14 3:00PM

Mary Poppins
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
November 19 – December 28
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Seated, Seated 4 & Campus Pass
Have your family swept away this holiday season by the everlasting story of our favorite magical nanny and her tap-dancing, chimney-sweeping friend! Come experience the enchanting mixture of irresistible story, unforgettable songs, breathtaking dance numbers and astonishing stagecraft. This Tony Award® winner for Best Musical wouldn’t be complete without crowd favorites like “Chim Chim Cher-ee”, “A Spoonful of Sugar”, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and more. Believe in the magic of Mary Poppins and discover a world where anything can happen if you let it!
Wed 11/19/14 7:30PM
Thu 11/20/14 7:30PM
Fri 11/21/14 7:30PM
Sat 11/22/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/22/14 7:30PM
Sun 11/23/14 2:00PM
Wed 11/26/14 7:30PM
Fri 11/28/14 7:30PM
Sat 11/29/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 7:30PM
Sun 11/30/14 2:00PM
Sun 11/30/14 6:30PM
Tue 12/2/14 7:30PM
Wed 12/3/14 7:30PM
Thu 12/4/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/5/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/6/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/7/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/10/14 7:30PM
Thu 12/11/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/12/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/13/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/14/14 2:00PM
Wed 12/17/14 7:30PM
Thu 12/18/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/19/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/20/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/21/14 2:00PM
Mon 12/22/14 7:30PM
Tue 12/23/14 7:30PM
Wed 12/24/14 2:00PM
Fri 12/26/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/27/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/28/14 2:00PM

Playhouse 14-15
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol returns to Playhouse on the Park
Sat 11/29/14 2:00PM
Sat 11/29/14 7:30PM
Sun 11/30/14 3:00PM
Thu 12/4/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/5/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/6/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/6/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/7/14 3:00PM
Thu 12/11/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/12/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/13/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/13/14 7:30PM
Sun 12/14/14 3:00PM
Thu 12/18/14 7:30PM
Fri 12/19/14 7:30PM
Sat 12/20/14 2:00PM
Sat 12/20/14 7:30PM

The Magic Books
TYA 14-15
The Magic Books
The Magic Books
January 31 at 11 a.m. & 1 p.m.
February 7 at 11 a.m. & 1 p.m.

For Grades Pre-K through 3
Join us on a magical journey and explore themes that students can adapt to their everyday lives such as acceptance, courage, and friendship. This brand-new theatrical experience will connect the love and value of reading, with exciting characters and opportunities for audience involvement and learning.
Sat 1/31/15 11:00AM
Sat 1/31/15 1:00PM
Sat 2/7/15 11:00AM
Sat 2/7/15 1:00PM

2 Pianos 4 Hands
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
2 Pianos 4 Hands
2 Pianos 4 Hands
January 14 – February 1
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Campus Pass
2 Pianos 4 Hands is the riotous tale of two boys, Ted and Richard, in Canada sharing the same goal: concert pianist stardom. They work fervently towards their dream amidst pushy parents, eccentric teachers, hours of repetitive practice, stage fright, the agony of competitions and the dream of greatness. Two actors, two pianos and many, many characters grace the stage as fifteen years of learning the art of piano playing unfolds. From classical to pops to jazz, the play provides the chance for two performers to give their all in a virtuoso performance.
Wed 1/14/15 7:30PM
Thu 1/15/15 7:30PM
Fri 1/16/15 7:30PM
Sat 1/17/15 2:00PM
Sat 1/17/15 7:30PM
Sun 1/18/15 2:00PM
Wed 1/21/15 7:30PM
Thu 1/22/15 7:30PM
Fri 1/23/15 7:30PM
Sat 1/24/15 7:30PM
Sun 1/25/15 2:00PM
Wed 1/28/15 7:30PM
Thu 1/29/15 7:30PM
Fri 1/30/15 7:30PM
Sat 1/31/15 7:30PM
Sun 2/1/15 2:00PM

Anything Goes
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
Anything Goes
Anything Goes
February 25 – March 22
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Seated 6, Seated 4 & Campus Pass
Anything Goes is set aboard the ocean liner S. S. American, where nightclub singer/evangelist Reno Sweeney is en route from New York to England. Her pal Billy Crocker has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt, but the problem is Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Joining this love triangle on board the luxury liner are Public Enemy #13, Moonface Martin and his sidekick-in-crime Erma. With the help of some elaborate disguises, tap-dancing sailors and good old-fashioned blackmail, Reno and Martin join forces to help Billy in his quest to win Hope’s heart. Anything Goes is a shining example of beautiful, classic musical theatre complete with dazzling tap numbers, unlikely happy endings and endlessly hummable songs including “It’s De-Lovely”, “I Get a Kick Out of You”, and the title song.
Wed 2/25/15 7:30PM
Thu 2/26/15 7:30PM
Fri 2/27/15 7:30PM
Sat 2/28/15 2:00PM
Sat 2/28/15 7:30PM
Sun 3/1/15 2:00PM
Wed 3/4/15 7:30PM
Thu 3/5/15 7:30PM
Fri 3/6/15 7:30PM
Sat 3/7/15 2:00PM
Sat 3/7/15 7:30PM
Sun 3/8/15 2:00PM
Sun 3/8/15 6:30PM
Tue 3/10/15 7:30PM
Wed 3/11/15 7:30PM
Thu 3/12/15 7:30PM
Fri 3/13/15 7:30PM
Sat 3/14/15 2:00PM
Sat 3/14/15 7:30PM
Sun 3/15/15 2:00PM
Wed 3/18/15 7:30PM
Thu 3/19/15 7:30PM
Fri 3/20/15 7:30PM
Sat 3/21/15 7:30PM
Sun 3/22/15 2:00PM

Buyer & Cellar
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
Buyer & Cellar
Buyer & Cellar
April 15-March 3
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Seated 6 & Campus Pass
Fresh off its chart-topping run Off-Broadway, Buyer & Cellar is the new comedy that audiences can’t resist! Alex More is a struggling Los Angeles actor who finds himself taking an odd job working in the Malibu basement of a Hollywood mega-star; a true diva who is the best-selling female artist of all-time! When the A-lister makes a rare appearance one day, Buyer & Cellar launches into an outrageous look at fame and the price that accompanies it.
Wed 4/15/15 7:30PM
Thu 4/16/15 7:30PM
Fri 4/17/15 7:30PM
Sat 4/18/15 2:00PM
Sat 4/18/15 7:30PM
Sun 4/19/15 2:00PM
Wed 4/22/15 7:30PM
Thu 4/23/15 7:30PM
Fri 4/24/15 7:30PM
Sat 4/25/15 2:00PM
Sat 4/25/15 7:30PM
Sun 4/26/15 2:00PM
Sun 4/26/15 6:30PM
Tue 4/28/15 7:30PM
Wed 4/29/15 7:30PM
Thu 4/30/15 7:30PM
Fri 5/1/15 7:30PM
Sat 5/2/15 7:30PM
Sun 5/3/15 2:00PM

End of the Rainbow
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
End of the Rainbow
End of the Rainbow
April 29-May 17
Hormel Theatre
Included in Campus Pass
Explore the dramatic and often poignant last months of Judy Garland’s life in the incredible End of the Rainbow. Explosive acting and classic songs bring down the house in this critically-acclaimed exploration of Judy Garland’s infamous 1968 London comeback. This savagely funny and emotionally-searing play finds the once-glittering starlet sparring with her new fiancé, her devoted accompanist, and her personal demons. Filled with Garland’s legendary tenacity, razor-sharp wit, and once-in-a-generation voice, this is a piece truly portraying the late, great songstress who took us “over the rainbow.”
Wed 4/29/15 8:00PM
Thu 4/30/15 8:00PM
Fri 5/1/15 8:00PM
Sat 5/2/15 3:00PM
Sat 5/2/15 8:00PM
Sun 5/3/15 3:00PM
Wed 5/6/15 8:00PM
Thu 5/7/15 8:00PM
Fri 5/8/15 8:00PM
Sat 5/9/15 8:00PM
Sun 5/10/15 3:00PM
Wed 5/13/15 8:00PM
Thu 5/14/15 8:00PM
Fri 5/15/15 8:00PM
Sat 5/16/15 8:00PM
Sun 5/17/15 3:00PM

One Man, Two Guvnors
Phoenix Theatre 14-15
One Man, Two Guvnors
One Man, Two Guvnors
May 20 – June 14
Mainstage Theatre
Included in Seated 6, Seated 4 & Campus
With seven 2012 Tony Award nominations, Richard Bean's One Man, Two Guvnors is a glorious celebration of British comedy: a unique ,laugh-out-loud play chock full of songs, slapstick and glittering one-liners. Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes guardian to Roscoe Crabbe, a small-time East End hood, but Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who’s been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Francis takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be reunited with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart. Elaborate hijinks ensue.
Wed 5/20/15 7:30PM
Thu 5/21/15 7:30PM
Fri 5/22/15 7:30PM
Sat 5/23/15 2:00PM
Sat 5/23/15 7:30PM
Sun 5/24/15 2:00PM
Wed 5/27/15 7:30PM
Thu 5/28/15 7:30PM
Fri 5/29/15 7:30PM
Sat 5/30/15 2:00PM
Sat 5/30/15 7:30PM
Sun 5/31/15 2:00PM
Sun 5/31/15 6:30PM
Tue 6/2/15 7:30PM
Wed 6/3/15 7:30PM
Thu 6/4/15 7:30PM
Fri 6/5/15 7:30PM
Sat 6/6/15 7:30PM
Sun 6/7/15 2:00PM
Wed 6/10/15 7:30PM
Thu 6/11/15 7:30PM
Fri 6/12/15 7:30PM
Sat 6/13/15 7:30PM
Sun 6/14/15 2:00PM