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A Vampire Tale
Special Projects 15-16
A Vampire Tale
"The ‘Nutcracker’ of Halloween,” A Vampire Tale celebrates its 12th consecutive season.
This very popular, original dance production pre-dates all of the current pop-culture vampire phenomena. Evolving annually to provide a fresh take on this cult classic, fans have made a ritual to attend A Vampire Tale every season to see what juicy developments choreographer, Lisa Starry, has in store. In A Vampire Tale, a young woman is drawn to the dark side and finds herself lured into an assorted band of bloodsuckers. Frightened yet fascinated by their shadowy showmanship and seductive transactions, the girl struggles to avoid becoming part of their underworld when she becomes infatuated with the king vampire. A Vampire Tale has received national and international acclaim, including return performances to the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, England.

“A Vampire Tale is one of those rarest of species, a cult hit in the world of Contemporary Dance,” said Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic.

Photo by: Rose Torres
Thu 10/8/15 7:30PM
Fri 10/9/15 7:30PM
Sat 10/10/15 7:30PM

<font size="4.5"><b>The Exorcist Has No Legs<br></font>
<font size="2">Performance held at Playhouse on the Park at Central Arts Plaza<br>
1850 N. Central Ave.<br>
Phoenix, AZ 85004<br>
venue is across the street from Phoenix Theatre's campus</b><br></font>
Celebrate Halloween a little different this year by seeing the puppet-infused depiction of AFI’s #3 most thrilling movie, like, EVER! And what better way to pay homage to this epic horror tale, than with a puppet that rotates its head while spewing Silly String? Grab your crucifix and see the good vs. evil grudge match as this comedy puppet show will help you exorcise the demons! Will Regan be saved by the felt-fanatical priests? Will the audience avoid being covered in ectoplasm? Does the power of puppets compel you? It's time to find out as All Puppet Players present their funniest show, based on the scariest movie ever made!
Fri 10/9/15 8:00PM
Sat 10/10/15 8:00PM
Thu 10/15/15 8:00PM
Fri 10/16/15 8:00PM
Sat 10/17/15 8:00PM
Thu 10/22/15 8:00PM
Fri 10/23/15 8:00PM
Sat 10/24/15 8:00PM
Thu 10/29/15 8:00PM
Fri 10/30/15 8:00PM

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Special Projects 15-16
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Lawrence Jameson makes his lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their money. Freddy Benson more humbly swindles women by waking their compassion with fabricated stories about his grandmother's failing health. After meeting on a train, they attempt to work together only to find that this small French town isn't big enough for the two of them. They agree on a settlement: the first one to extract $50,000 from a young female target, heiress Christine Colgate, wins and the other must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues that will keep audiences laughing, humming and guessing to the end!

This production contains adult humor.
Fri 10/23/15 7:30PM
Sat 10/24/15 7:30PM
Sun 10/25/15 4:00PM
Fri 10/30/15 7:30PM
Sat 10/31/15 7:30PM
Sun 11/1/15 4:00PM

Toxic Avenger
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
Toxic Avenger
Book by Joe DiPietro
Music and Lyrics by David Bryan

From the creative team that brought Memphis to the stage comes The Toxic Avenger and the question, “Who Will Save New Jersey?!” Our unlikely hero, Toxie, a mutant freak with superhero strength and a heart bigger than Newark, will battle for the cleanup of the Turnpike. Add in a charming love story, a dash of corruption and stiletto-wearing backup singers and you have an uproarious, R-rated rock musical that will have you falling in “Hot Toxic Love.” For mature audiences only.
Wed 10/28/15 8:00PM
Thu 10/29/15 8:00PM
Fri 10/30/15 8:00PM
Sat 10/31/15 3:00PM
Sat 10/31/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/1/15 3:00PM
Wed 11/4/15 8:00PM
Thu 11/5/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/6/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/7/15 3:00PM
Sat 11/7/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/8/15 3:00PM
Sun 11/8/15 7:00PM
Tue 11/10/15 8:00PM
Wed 11/11/15 8:00PM
Thu 11/12/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/13/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/14/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/15/15 3:00PM
Wed 11/18/15 8:00PM
Thu 11/19/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/20/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/21/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/22/15 3:00PM

Nearly Naked 15-16
A sexy, slick and streamlined take on Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN saga; A young doctor plays God and ceates life, only to discover that what his creation expects of God is nothing short of inhuman. Playwright Neal Bell explores Shelley's psychosexual undertones and frightens your inner child with Victorian fantasies of impotence, rape and castration on a dark and stormy night.

Monster is intended for mature audiences only, containing adult themes, language and nudity.
Fri 11/6/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/7/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/8/15 6:00PM
Thu 11/12/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/13/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/14/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/15/15 2:30PM
Thu 11/19/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/20/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/21/15 8:00PM
Sun 11/22/15 6:30PM
Wed 11/25/15 8:00PM
Fri 11/27/15 8:00PM
Sat 11/28/15 8:00PM

The Wizard of Oz
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
The Wizard of Oz
By L. Frank Baum, With Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, Background Music by Herbert Stothart , Dance and Vocal Arrangements by Peter Howard, Orchestration by Larry Wilcox, Adapted by John Kane for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Based upon the Classical Motion Picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.

Prepare to go over the rainbow with the entire family this holiday season. Travel with Dorothy as she journeys to the magical land where scarecrows wish for brains, lions are afraid of their roars, tin men long for hearts and witches come in all varieties. No trip down the Yellow Brick Road would be complete without you and your munchkins so follow us as we make our way for the glow of the Emerald City!
Wed 11/18/15 7:30PM
Thu 11/19/15 7:30PM
Fri 11/20/15 7:30PM
Sat 11/21/15 2:00PM
Sat 11/21/15 7:30PM
Sun 11/22/15 2:00PM
Wed 11/25/15 7:30PM
Fri 11/27/15 7:30PM
Sat 11/28/15 2:00PM
Sat 11/28/15 7:30PM
Sun 11/29/15 2:00PM
Sun 11/29/15 6:30PM
Tue 12/1/15 7:30PM
Wed 12/2/15 7:30PM
Thu 12/3/15 7:30PM
Fri 12/4/15 7:30PM
Sat 12/5/15 7:30PM
Sun 12/6/15 2:00PM
Wed 12/9/15 7:30PM
Thu 12/10/15 7:30PM
Fri 12/11/15 7:30PM
Sat 12/12/15 7:30PM
Sun 12/13/15 2:00PM
Wed 12/16/15 7:30PM
Thu 12/17/15 7:30PM
Fri 12/18/15 7:30PM
Sat 12/19/15 7:30PM
Sun 12/20/15 2:00PM
Wed 12/23/15 7:30PM
Thu 12/24/15 12:00PM
Sat 12/26/15 2:00PM
Sat 12/26/15 7:30PM
Sun 12/27/15 2:00PM

<font size="4.5"><b>Santa Claus Conquers the Martians<br></font>
<font size="2">Performance held at Playhouse on the Park at Central Arts Plaza<br>
1850 N. Central Ave.<br>
Phoenix, AZ 85004<br>
venue is across the street from Phoenix Theatre's campus</b><br></font>
Deck your halls with close encounters of the hilarious kind this holiday season, as "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" will be sliding into YOUR chimney from December 4th through the 19th. Santa kidnapped by Martians?! Will the children of Earth have no toys on Christmas? Only Hollywood could cook up such an absurd story and only the All Puppet Players would want to make it into a live puppet show! This season, you could do the same old holiday re-runs, with their ho-hum holly and mundane, moldy mistletoe…or start a new tradition by joining Santa on a madcap adventure in outer space!

And now a word from Santa's Helpers: NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 7 (unless you are a dream-dasher and wish to scar them for life).
Fri 12/4/15 8:00PM
Sat 12/5/15 8:00PM
Thu 12/10/15 8:00PM
Fri 12/11/15 8:00PM
Sat 12/12/15 8:00PM
Thu 12/17/15 8:00PM
Fri 12/18/15 8:00PM
Sat 12/19/15 8:00PM

Savage Beauty
Special Projects 15-16
Savage Beauty
Halo Movement Presents: Savage Beauty. Experience the true marriage of fashion, art and dance on one intimate stage. Revolving around the image of a thorny rose, Savage Beauty is an evening of innovation, and exploration of the concept of a beauty so mesmerizing that it can lure the one in pursuit to their demise. In a society so plagued by double standards, the cast of 9 women take you through a visually stimulating, thought provoking, and emotional journey with 12 new repertory works, 2 Fashion Collections, and 2 films by Artistic Director Angel Castro.Savage Beauty... How can something so beautiful be so dangerous?
Sat 12/12/15 7:30PM
Sat 12/12/15 9:00PM

Thu 12/17/15 8:00PM
Sat 12/19/15 8:00PM
Wed 12/23/15 8:00PM

Fri 12/18/15 8:00PM
Sun 12/20/15 3:00PM
Tue 12/22/15 8:00PM

Nearly Naked 15-16
John's boyfriend will wait for him while he "figures himself out." But so will his girlfriend! This deliciously witty dark comedy, told with pure theatricality, is an engagingly unique perspective on affairs of the heart... and that other part of the body.

C*CK is intended for mature audiences only, containing adult themes, language , sexual situations and nudity.
Fri 1/8/16 8:00PM
Sat 1/9/16 8:00PM
Sun 1/10/16 6:00PM
Thu 1/14/16 8:00PM
Fri 1/15/16 8:00PM
Sat 1/16/16 8:00PM
Sun 1/17/16 2:30PM
Thu 1/21/16 8:00PM
Fri 1/22/16 8:00PM
Sat 1/23/16 8:00PM
Sun 1/24/16 6:00PM
Thu 1/28/16 8:00PM
Fri 1/29/16 8:00PM
Sat 1/30/16 8:00PM

Calendar Girls
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
Calendar Girls
Written by Tim Firth

Steeped in sentimentality and full of heart comes the oh-so-British story of the indomitable women of Calendar Girls. Determined to raise money for a cause, Chris and Annie conclude that the best way is to give the public what they want - a nude calendar. However, instead of the models of the day gracing the pages, it will feature themselves and the other real women of their small English village. When this group of ladies put their experiment to the test what arises is a media circus, new found fame, a hilarious look at the true events that resulted in a charitable windfall and the reminder that all women are strong and beautiful – inside and out.
Wed 1/20/16 7:30PM
Thu 1/21/16 7:30PM
Fri 1/22/16 7:30PM
Sat 1/23/16 2:00PM
Sat 1/23/16 7:30PM
Sun 1/24/16 2:00PM
Wed 1/27/16 7:30PM
Thu 1/28/16 7:30PM
Fri 1/29/16 7:30PM
Sat 1/30/16 7:30PM
Sun 1/31/16 2:00PM
Wed 2/3/16 7:30PM
Thu 2/4/16 7:30PM
Fri 2/5/16 7:30PM
Sat 2/6/16 7:30PM
Sun 2/7/16 2:00PM

The Magic Books
TYA 15-16
The Magic Books
The Magic Books based on Grimm’s fairytales, leaps seamlessly from page to stage, bringing to life themes of acceptance, courage and friendship. This endearing and inventive show is an original production written by Phoenix Theatre’s own Producing Artistic Director, Michael Barnard, and Resident Dramaturge, Pasha Yamotahari. In The Magic Books traditional fairytales are given a modern twist as beloved storybook characters from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘The Frog King’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ come alive onstage. The characters of the different stories overlap and interact with each other in fresh, fun and innovative ways singing original songs, dancing, and providing the audience opportunities to participate in the action. Students will have the chance to put their reading skills into practice as The Magic Books celebrates reading in and outside of the classroom. Performances will tie fairytale magic to the academic subjects taught in schools, asking audiences to use their math skills to count Wise Women with the King in ‘Sleeping Beauty’. They’ll also speak Spanish with the Princess in ‘The Frog King’, and practice their spelling with the Huntsman of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The show culminates as the actors send us off to find new stories and to embark on new adventures. You’re sure to be inspired by the imaginative costumes and circus-style performances promised by Phoenix Theatre’s caravan of enchanting players!
Sat 1/30/16 11:00AM
Sat 1/30/16 1:00PM
Sat 2/6/16 11:00AM
Sat 2/6/16 1:00PM

<font size="4.5"><b>The Notebook Has No Legs<br></font>
<font size="2">Performance held at Playhouse on the Park at Central Arts Plaza<br>
1850 N. Central Ave.<br>
Phoenix, AZ 85004<br>
venue is across the street from Phoenix Theatre's campus</b><br></font>
February is for lovers…and we can't wait to play Cupid with our extremely classy offering of "Nicholas Farts Presents: The Notebook Has No Legs". With every great love comes a great puppet show--and such is the case with APP's classic retelling of everyone's favorite melodramatic cry-fest. Starring Ryan GOOSEling, this is a tale as old as time: Girl is rich. Goose is poor. Goose meets girl. Girl falls for Goose. Girl GETS Goosed…sappy ending ensues. Come watch the puppets spoof the modern love story that is just begging to be fisted!
Fri 2/5/16 8:00PM
Sat 2/6/16 8:00PM
Thu 2/11/16 8:00PM
Fri 2/12/16 8:00PM
Sat 2/13/16 8:00PM
Thu 2/18/16 8:00PM
Fri 2/19/16 8:00PM
Sat 2/20/16 8:00PM

Phoenix Theatre 15-16
Book and Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

The bravery, beauty and passion that made Eva Peron an inspiration throughout Argentina combines with the genius of musical theatre giants, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, resulting in a sublime blockbuster certain to sweep you away. Filled with soaring ballads, seductive paso dobles and elegant melodies, this Tony® Award Winner for Best Musical will draw you into a tale of a woman driven by ambition, love and power while masking a fragility few ever saw. Prepare to have your breath taken away when this iconic and unforgettable story fills the theatre floor to ceiling, front to back.
Wed 2/24/16 7:30PM
Thu 2/25/16 7:30PM
Fri 2/26/16 7:30PM
Sat 2/27/16 2:00PM
Sat 2/27/16 7:30PM
Sun 2/28/16 2:00PM
Wed 3/2/16 7:30PM
Thu 3/3/16 7:30PM
Fri 3/4/16 7:30PM
Sat 3/5/16 2:00PM
Sat 3/5/16 7:30PM
Sun 3/6/16 2:00PM
Sun 3/6/16 6:30PM
Tue 3/8/16 7:30PM
Wed 3/9/16 7:30PM
Thu 3/10/16 7:30PM
Fri 3/11/16 7:30PM
Sat 3/12/16 7:30PM
Sun 3/13/16 2:00PM
Wed 3/16/16 7:30PM
Thu 3/17/16 7:30PM
Fri 3/18/16 7:30PM
Sat 3/19/16 7:30PM
Sun 3/20/16 2:00PM

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill
By Lanie Robertson
In a small bar in South Philly, on a typical night in 1959, Billie Holiday, the icon dubbed Lady Day, put on a show that unbeknownst to the audience, left them witness to one of the last performances of her lifetime. Through her poignant voice and moving melodies, one of the greatest jazz singers of all-time shared her loves, her losses, her demons and her angels. You’re invited to enter the intimacy of this singular night in music history and feel the presence of a legend reborn.
Wed 3/16/16 8:00PM
Thu 3/17/16 8:00PM
Fri 3/18/16 8:00PM
Sat 3/19/16 3:00PM
Sat 3/19/16 8:00PM
Sun 3/20/16 3:00PM
Wed 3/23/16 8:00PM
Thu 3/24/16 8:00PM
Fri 3/25/16 8:00PM
Sat 3/26/16 8:00PM
Wed 3/30/16 8:00PM
Thu 3/31/16 8:00PM
Fri 4/1/16 8:00PM
Sat 4/2/16 3:00PM
Sat 4/2/16 8:00PM
Sun 4/3/16 3:00PM

The All Night Strut!
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
The All Night Strut!
Music and Lyrics by Various
The time has come to be dazzled by this classy and sassy musical extravaganza celebrating the American experience from The Dirty 30’s to the Post-War Boom. Weaving together the work of legendary songwriters such as Frank Loesser, Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller and the Gershwins, this delightfully playful story moves through time and place to put a spotlight on a slick slice of yesteryear. Get set to dance in your seat along with the standards we all know, all love and could all hear again and again sung by the tremendous voices you’ve come to expect from Phoenix Theatre.?
Wed 4/6/16 7:30PM
Thu 4/7/16 7:30PM
Fri 4/8/16 7:30PM
Sat 4/9/16 2:00PM
Sat 4/9/16 7:30PM
Sun 4/10/16 2:00PM
Wed 4/13/16 7:30PM
Thu 4/14/16 7:30PM
Fri 4/15/16 7:30PM
Sat 4/16/16 2:00PM
Sat 4/16/16 7:30PM
Sun 4/17/16 2:00PM
Sun 4/17/16 6:30PM
Tue 4/19/16 7:30PM
Wed 4/20/16 7:30PM
Thu 4/21/16 7:30PM
Fri 4/22/16 7:30PM
Sat 4/23/16 7:30PM
Sun 4/24/16 2:00PM
Wed 4/27/16 7:30PM
Thu 4/28/16 7:30PM
Fri 4/29/16 7:30PM
Sat 4/30/16 7:30PM
Sun 5/1/16 2:00PM

<font size="4.5"><b>Jurassic Puppets<br></font>
<font size="2">Performance held at Playhouse on the Park at Central Arts Plaza<br>
1850 N. Central Ave.<br>
Phoenix, AZ 85004<br>
venue is across the street from Phoenix Theatre's campus</b><br></font>
Get your gargantuan on with "Jurassic Puppets"; appearing (then disappearing due to a large comet strike) from April 22nd through May 7th. In 1993, a small Dinosaur movie was unleashed on the theater-going masses that defied what could be done in a movie. We are about to take the multi-million dollar creatures that the silver screen so lovingly projected, and recreate them before your very eyes utilizing "tens" of dollars, duct tape, and our own cleverly cunning embellishments. Bring your favorite fossil—or spouse—for this "don't miss" opportunity to witness our underfunded dinos stampede on stage!
Fri 4/22/16 8:00PM
Sat 4/23/16 8:00PM
Thu 4/28/16 8:00PM
Fri 4/29/16 8:00PM
Sat 4/30/16 8:00PM
Thu 5/5/16 8:00PM
Fri 5/6/16 8:00PM
Sat 5/7/16 8:00PM

When You Wish: The Story of Walt Disney
Book, Music and Lyrics by Dean McClure
As the founding force behind the company that continues to capture the imagination of millions around the world year after year, Walt Disney's legacy is undeniable. In this World Premiere musical, Phoenix Theatre brings you the story of this unusual and special man fascinated by possibility and determined to persevere in the face of deniers. Armed with his child-like ingenuity and guileless belief in himself, he turned failures into triumphs and never ceased wishing on stars. Be a part of the magic of seeing this new production come to life and celebrate the icon who brought us the most famous set of ears on earth.
Wed 5/18/16 7:30PM
Thu 5/19/16 7:30PM
Fri 5/20/16 7:30PM
Sat 5/21/16 2:00PM
Sat 5/21/16 7:30PM
Sun 5/22/16 2:00PM
Sun 5/22/16 6:30PM
Tue 5/24/16 7:30PM
Wed 5/25/16 7:30PM
Thu 5/26/16 7:30PM
Fri 5/27/16 7:30PM
Sat 5/28/16 2:00PM
Sat 5/28/16 7:30PM
Sun 5/29/16 2:00PM
Wed 6/1/16 7:30PM
Thu 6/2/16 7:30PM
Fri 6/3/16 7:30PM
Sat 6/4/16 7:30PM
Sun 6/5/16 2:00PM
Wed 6/8/16 7:30PM
Thu 6/9/16 7:30PM
Fri 6/10/16 7:30PM
Sat 6/11/16 7:30PM
Sun 6/12/16 2:00PM

Avenue Q
Phoenix Theatre 15-16
Avenue Q
Wed 6/8/16 8:00PM
Thu 6/9/16 8:00PM
Fri 6/10/16 8:00PM
Sat 6/11/16 8:00PM
Sun 6/12/16 3:00PM
Wed 6/15/16 8:00PM
Thu 6/16/16 8:00PM
Fri 6/17/16 8:00PM
Sat 6/18/16 8:00PM
Sun 6/19/16 3:00PM
Wed 6/22/16 8:00PM
Thu 6/23/16 8:00PM
Fri 6/24/16 8:00PM
Sat 6/25/16 8:00PM
Sun 6/26/16 3:00PM
Wed 6/29/16 8:00PM
Thu 6/30/16 8:00PM
Fri 7/1/16 8:00PM
Sat 7/2/16 8:00PM
Sun 7/3/16 3:00PM
Wed 7/6/16 8:00PM
Thu 7/7/16 8:00PM
Fri 7/8/16 8:00PM
Sat 7/9/16 8:00PM
Sun 7/10/16 3:00PM